São Paulo - Brazil, 2017
Director: Guto RequenaDesign team: Ludovica Leone, Henrique Stabile, Tatiana Pacheco, Bruno Baietto, Guilherme Giantini and Joana Telles
Office interior designStatus: Built
Role: 3D modelling

The design for Youse insurance company brought this startup’s values to the interior space. Young, innovative and bold are some of the company values expressed in a project that reflects on workspaces of the future. The floorplan emphasizes the spatial flexibility through multiple possibilities of layout and furniture rearrangement, such as private/shared rooms and collective workstations. 
The squads are rooms designed to group multidisciplinary teams for special projects. Located along the floor and taking up to 12 people, these spaces are semi-open systems that bring privacy to the teams while they are accessible to lounge areas. 
The color palette brings up the identity of Youse, as the colorful carpet designed to express the personality of each space. The lighting design was developed to warm up the spaces and emphasize the enterprise playful character. Close to the reception desk, the logo colors change according to the mood of people working around. The mood data is collected by a digital survey system to be answered throughout the day.