Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, 2016
Director: Guto RequenaDesign team: Ludovica Leone, Daniel Vianna, Bruno Baietto and Guilherme Giantini
Temporary Interactive Architecture Status: Built
Role: Architectural drafting, support for the development of interactive facade script.

The Dancing Pavilion was designed for a Brazilian beer brand to host music, parties, DJ’s and shows. Located in the Barra Olympic Park, the primary location for the stadiums in the Olympic Games Rio 2016, the building has an interactive architectural skin. The outer face of the metallic skin is composed of various colors that suggest diversity.
Scattered sensors inside of the dance floor allow the skin to react to stimulations, such as the beat of the music or the excited commotion of people. This Interactive Architecture is made with around 500 round mirrors that spin, opening and closing, creating optic effects. Under the sun, this kinetic pavilion creates graphics with light and shadow on the floor and its surroundings. At night, light cannons dramatically cast an explosive light outside, calling attention as far as the entrance of the Olympic Park. As emotional architecture, it shivers like an excited body.