São Paulo - Brazil, 2019
Director: Guto RequenaDesign team: Ludovica Leone, Rodolfo Torres, Thatiana Pacheco, Bruno Baietto, Jeff Chicarelli, Guilherma Giantini
Venue set design Status: built
Role: Architectural drafting

Brazilian Youtube Brandcast 5th edition target was the press, content creators, agencies and advertisers. The event happened at a 65.000ft2 warehouse. 
The set Design included a plenary session for 1.200 people. At the entrance a tunnel made of scaffolding structure and arrow-shaped neon guided guests to the foyer. In this place, LED panels reproduced the platform content, generating an immersive experience. During the first part of the event, the foyer became a brand activation environment, lounge and a buffet. 
A LED screen of 23 x 7.5m displayed the content of the event. At the opening ceremony, this screen suddenly got suspended over the audience, revealing a second tunnel to access the plenary session. This environment was entirely surrounded by a translucent fabric, where mapped projections provided an immersive experience. With these projections off, the fabric transparency could reveal the incredible architecture where the event was held. Right after the plenary session, the public was invited to return to the foyer, now turned into a party club.