São Paulo - Brazil, 2018
Director: Guto RequenaParametric Design: Guilherme GiantiniSound Design, Lighting and Interactive System Development: Felipe Merker Castellani and Nikolas GomesProduction and Assemly: GTM CenografiaProduction Collaborator: Vitor Reis
Temporary interactive art installationStatus: Built
Role: 3D modelling, shop and assembly drawings, rendering, image post-production and assembly supervision.

Mapped Empathies is an art installation structure that seeks to explore possibilities of adding new poetic layers into urban furniture through interactive digital technologies. It was designed with the aid of computer processes and was inspired by temples and meditation spots. The result is an heart-like wood installation fabricated by a CNC machine. In each session, guests’ heartbeats are recorded in real time at the touch of a finger via pulse sensors installed on the bench. This vital data is then sent to speakers and light spots that transform the sound and lighting landscapes of the space.
Mapped Empathies was designed following Universal Design principles, being as intuitive as possible and allowing the same democratic experience for all visitors, regardless of age, ability, physical disabilities or situation.