Miami - United States of America, 2019
Curated: Ximena CaminosProduction: Alberto Latorre ArchitectureCreative Director: Marko BrajovicDesign Director: Bruno BezerraParametric Design: Guilherme Giantini
Temporary Art InstallationStatus: Built
Role: parametric design development.

Roots manifest the connection and communication system that operates as an intelligent and distributed superorganism. Designed by Nature, this resilient network purifies and regenerates our sense of coexistence in space and time. Flowing simultaneously, through conscious and subconscious multiple dimensions, the symbiotic interbeing is our home.
ROOTS pavilion is a space for humans to connect with their inner nature, with ancestral knowledge and ecological awareness.
The pavilion architecture was inspired by Amazon mangrove roots system, and designed through digital emulation of natural growing principles. 
A self-supporting aluminium branching system wrapped with fine custom-made ropes hosts a rug used as a collective space for ceremonies and two traditional Amazonian hammocks that let visitors experience the immersive documentary SACRED COCA.