São Paulo - Brazil, 2017
Directors: Anne Save de Beaurecueil and Franklin LeeDesign Team: Guilherme Giantini and Jeff Chicarelli
Furniture designStatus: Concept
Role: Design conception and technical development - 3D modeling, rendering, image post-production and costing. 
In this project a family of exclusive furniture for a residence was designed and milled in plywood using the CNC router. The conceptual design massing was first made as a low poly model and after, with a parametric design tool, sliced into layers. All the parts of the model are made using plywood sheets that were designed to be cut with a CNC router machine.
The mirrored furniture was designed for the living room and integrates the two functions of seating and shelving. For the Entrance Hall, the other furniture combines a bench that follows the window sill and then morphs into a vertical garden planter wall.